Four Industries Using Big Data for Better Results



Data is being collected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. It may come as no surprise that data is being used in every aspect of every industry imaginable. But to what degree, in what capacity, and what improvements has data’s implementation had on industries like healthcare, security, aerospace, and oceanography?


Imagine a world where traditional medicine could cure cancer even before diagnosis. With advancements in medical data there are more pre-emptive measures in healthcare. No longer will healthcare be merely the reactive response to illnesses, but the proactive steps the healthcare system sorely needs to prevent diseases, keep wait times to a minimum, and costs down.


From personal security like identity protection to society’s safety, data has enabled law enforcement, government, and military to use predictive analytics to reduce risks and minimize threats. By simply tracking individuals bank transactions to prevent theft or cutting through long logs to detect and prioritize potential national threats, data has made it easier to spot points of weakness in protective precautions and security.


The aviation industry has always been an intensive process of perfect timing, gage reading, and monitoring. With the integration of data, it has made the recording and deciphering of numbers a seamless process. Benefits of data’s use can be seen in operational efficiency like preventive maintenance and improved customer service through timely communications, reduced wait times, and fewer cancellations.


Even one of the oldest forms of travel, exportation, and exploration is experiencing advancements with the incorporation of data. By using small submarine-like devices that map the ocean floor which transmit signals to satellites, data is being collected and used in the tracking of fish migration, gaging environmental impact on the oceans, and improving the shipping of goods around the world. These data-infused operations are protecting sea life, uncovering once-impossible to reach depths of the ocean, and keeping exports moving around the world with less resistance.

It is an exciting age to live in. Data has made old industries new again and improved how business is done around the world. The numbers have always been there but with the integration of data, it is easier to spot patterns in less time than it takes to record them. Data has cracked the code to success and continues to improve many areas of life and industry.


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