Summertime Book Reviews #2: “If You Need to Cry, Go Outside” By Kelly Cutrone.


“If You Need to Cry, Go Outside” by Public Relations maven Kelly Cutrone is the tale of sex, drugs and a rockin’ Rolodex. It chronicles her life from her childhood in the suburbs, her fateful move to New York City, her divorces, birth of her daughter, her spiritual enlightenment after battling drug addiction and more career resurrections than a modern day Pucci-wearing Lazarus. In short, I loved this book at biblical proportions.

If Sophia Amoruso’s book #GIRLBOSS failed to examine the personal struggles of building a one-woman brand name and empire, Kelly Cutrone’s book makes up for it in spades. Cutrone does not hold back. There are many windfalls and missteps. However, it is her willingness to examine her inner-self, the path she has chosen and search for spirituality in a 140- characters-or-less world that keeps this novel from being a brag book, too preachy or flaky. Did I mention that at one time she was a pseudo-pop star and read Tarot Cards on the beach for money? ‘Cause, yeah, that happened.

Like any good Public Relation professional, Kelly always has a positive spin on all her personal and professional dealings. From such personal lows like being fired multiple times by clients, being professionally attacked in print, two divorces and being a junkie in Beverly Hills, Cutrone always had the wherewithal to forge ahead and turn the page. Which in Kelly Cutrone’s case, would be to the Fashion & Style section.

I have a profound respect for female entrepreneurs. It takes a lot of guts to strike out on your own. But with gals like Kelly Cutrone willing to mentor young women and share their insights, we are in good company.

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