Summertime Book Reviews: Part 1 – #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso


With my head stuck in a summer rut and feeling less motivated than usual, I turn to inspirational literature to help me keep my head in the game. Lately, I have been reading books about other women in business. In a effort to learn as many tricks of the trade and gain insight, I selected 3 titles; “#GIRLBOSS” by Sophia Amoruso, “If You Need to Cry Go Outside” by Kelly Cutrone and “I Shouldn’t be Telling You this: Success Secrets Every Gutsy Girl Should Know” by Kate White. Stay tuned for a book review trilogy.

My first summertime read was “#GIRLBOSS” by “Nasty Gal” (clothing) founder Sophia Amoruso. “Nasty Gal” is Sophia’s vintage Ebay shop turned million dollar retail clothing business. Immediately upon starting this book, I learn that any business I may start needs to have a name I won’t deeply regret when I’m forty. But in Sophia’s “Nasty Gal” case, it works and “would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?”. Probably. It was Sophia’s intuitive business sense and keen eye for fashion that carried the business from hobby to industry.

Sophia is not a Harvard School of Business graduate. In fact, she is a photography school drop-out, a former “Freegan” with a penchant for dumpster diving and a converted shoplifter. Needless to say, she is my new idol. She had the recipe for self-destruction but her strong sense of self directed her ambition in a positive way. She had navigated customer engagement on social media through online communities like Ebay and MySpace long before Facebook turned us all in to “Like-Button-Hamsters”.

Amoruso, like all entrepreneurs, had to find what she loved to do as a hobby and sculpt it in a feasible stream of revenue. I know that sounds like finding the Holy Grail, but believe it or not, your passion for a particular hobby or craft will ultimately bring you success beyond your wildest dreams. How you ask? If every day you wake up to a (hobby)job you do not hate and you feel good about working hard at it, success will follow. Hard work pays off ten-fold. Happiness is the key to fulfillment not money. Even Sophia “#GIRLBOSS” Amoruso would agree with me.

I loved reading Sophia’s insights and tough-chick attitude. It really spoke to me. My only critique is that it only scratch the surface and could have gone a little deeper on her fears and self-doubts. No one is free from the negative little voices in their head, not even a #GIRLBOSS. It is the ability to silence or overcome those fears that allows to you embrace your true potential. It is very clear the Sophia’s #GIRLBOSS mentality is strong, well-defined and infectious. It was the perfect summertime read to kick me out of my rut.

…To be Continued

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