Providing Quality Customer Service — Business Writing Sample


After the economic downturn in 2008, many businesses had to re-evaluate how they ran their operations and win back the trust of many weary customers. No longer are customers interested in the yell-and-sell cheesy salesperson and many of the old-school style approaches to marketing. The quality of the business’s customer service and the friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient staff is more important than ever.

Today’s standards of the sales environment is creating relationships and adding value to the lives of the customers. With any sales-based business it is the frontline staff that is the embodiment of the organizations beliefs and the animation of the business’s values.  It is the hiring processes that employers really need to pay attention to and attract potential employees that share the organization core values, beliefs and a friendly disposition.  “Service with a Smile” is the motto of many sales-based businesses today.

Once the right staff in employed, it is paramount that the sales managers train the new staff effectively. Providing the frontline staff with all the tools and knowledge they will need to perform their daily tasks and handle any customer services issues that may arise. In order to win back return customers, the customers must have the faith that the staff are articulate and aware of all the products and services offered.

When trying to succeed in sales during a recession, all organizations had to look at how effectively they were performing their tasks and reaching goals, but also how efficiently they were using their resources to attain their goals. It should come as no surprise that customer service plays well into this piece as well. The organization’s front-line sales staff needs to be aware that their role in the organization has a direct effect on profitability and adding value to the customer’s relationship with the business.

In order to be more efficient on the sales end of the business, sales should be focused on finding the right product for the right customer. Organizations need to shift their focus from just “closing the sale” but ensuring that their customers receive the right products and services in order to become a return customer or life-long customer. The business’s front line sales staff is usually the “deal-breaker”. Importance needs to be placed on how well sales staff approaches customers and listen to the customer’s needs.

There is no concrete answer for success in the sales-based business world.  The fallout of the economic recession is a good example of that. It is important to learn from old mistakes and make every effort not to repeat them. From shifting the focus from” making the sale” to creating long-life customer relationships with the offering of quality, knowledgeable and friendly customer service, it might be a step in the right direction.

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